6 Best Tips To Leverage Instagram TV to Expand Your Audience & Brand

Instagram has over one billion monthly users and is attempting to convert a sizable portion of this audience to its devoted video platform, IGTV. It implies now’s the optimal moment to integrate your company with IGTV to gain an advantage of Instagram promoting your videos.

Instagram introduced IGTV in 2018 and has been steadily improving the platform to assist you in reaching the target audience and growing your IGTV channel. I’ve compiled a list of the six most excellent IGTV practices and recommendations in this post. Along with this, you could also buy real IGTV views to increase viewers for your videos. 

IGTV is still a very young platform and is constantly improving with new features such as horizontal videos and hashtag capabilities and some older features such as relevant links, longer-form videos, and submitting a custom cover picture. 

6 Tips To Use Instagram TV For Your Brand

1. Utilize previously famous video content.

A new video platform introduces a whole new audience to your content which they may not have seen on existing platforms like Facebook or YouTube. It allows you to determine which videos did well for your business and repurpose them for IGTV. 

2. Convert blog articles, emails, and social media postings to IGTV videos.

Not only can you reuse current videos on IGTV to expand your following; you can also repurpose blog articles, social media posts, emails & just about everything else that gives value to your audience. 

Listicles, how-to tips, and tutorials are just a few examples of the kind of content you could take from the blog and transform into an entertaining IGTV video.

3. Optimize for a quiet watching experience.

Regarding subtitles, while some people switch on their audio when watching videos, the auto-play option does not include audio by default. It means that you must capture viewers’ attention solely through images. It may imply that your movie or opening has self-contained content or that you include some visible subtitles at the bottom of the display. Additionally, subtitles can help you optimize your horizontal screen area while still producing vertical movies that are ideal for IGTV viewers on their smartphones.

4. Produce material on several platforms concurrently.

While you’re creating a Youtube or Facebook video, why not also make an IGTV version? Because various platforms cater to distinct demographics and consumers, you may reach a much larger audience without significantly increasing your video process. After exporting to horizontal sites such as YouTube or Facebook, return to your project, alter the aspect ratio to vertical, realign your layout, and then press the export icon once more. 

5. Create IGTV-exclusive content

Create exclusive material for IGTV to entice the followers, readers, subscribers, and viewers to visit your channel.

It may be behind-the-scenes content that takes your audience inside the brand or business, or it could just be a day in your life, the creator.

You may produce more personal and real films to establish a deeper connection with your audience. People form relationships more readily when they observe authentic conduct, and by demonstrating your authenticity, you’ll make it much simpler to connect with your target audience.

6. Make tutorials, how-to videos, and so forth.

Utilize the IGTV channel to serve as a teacher, imparting knowledge and expertise about your business to your viewers. It may be discussing subjects of interest to your audience or providing how-to videos & tutorials to demonstrate precisely how to do a task.


Now that you understand how to utilize IGTV to increase your audience and business, when and how frequently will you post to IGTV? Have you already published a video to IGTV or attempted to capture a video in a lengthier format? Do you have any worries about starting on IGTV?

7 Potential Instagram Content Ideas For Marketers

The consistency of your Instagram feed will be enhanced if you develop a structure around your posts. Create content themes and include them in your content calendars each month. Below are some suggestions on how to improve engagement on Instagram:


We all love a good quote, don’t we? The power of quotes is that they inspire people and are very shareable. As a result, viral videos have a real potential to gain significant exposure for your organization. You could create your own quote with your branding elements and give credit to the source rather than reposting a quote from another website – and this can increase the awareness of your brand tremendously! Please make sure that all of your quotes are relevant and consistent with your brand and the values of your brand

Curated content

Our favorite Instagram accounts differ from person to person and some are relevant to your business. You can leverage Instagram’s growing content library to engage and grow your audience – as long as you credit the original source. The majority of Instagrammers would appreciate the opportunity to have their content shared with a new audience via your page. As well as curating content, one of the great ways to get the attention of target accounts is by tagging them. An interior designer who wishes to build a stronger relationship with a supplier may repost their content so that the supplier knows they are appreciated.


Being in the marketing field, it is well known that one of the most powerful promotional methods is hearing testimonials from real clients. So, by posting testimonials on your social media profile, people are more likely to relate to their stories and will perceive your business to be one that can deliver real results and benefits to real people.


Each month, share a selfie to demonstrate the human side of your organization. Building relationships with people will enable you to build trust and break down barriers when seeking out new business prospects. You should be careful not to overshare, as this will negatively impact your engagement rates and you may lose followers. Keep it interesting and PG at all times.

Team photographs

It is common for companies to focus so closely on the technical aspects of their business that they develop a faceless image for themselves. Customers will find it much more reassuring to know that real people are behind all the work the business does – but so often they feel that it is performed by robots! It is a great way to overcome the mechanical nature of business and create trust between potential customers by sharing content focusing on the team.

Content-based posts

Establish yourself as a professional in your field by sharing your knowledge with your Instagram followers – GENEROUSLY. You may be able to instill confidence in your customers by using market statistics if you are in the real estate business or even aid them in affirming their purchasing decisions. If possible, use statistics that are specific to your market or that are not easily accessible. Instagram accounts are followed by people who like something about them, whether it be value, knowledge, esteem, or inspiration that they can gain from following them. Take the time to consider what you might be able to provide your audience that will be of value, whether it’s engaging, entertaining, or educational. When you don’t get the expected engagement, you can proceed to buy automatic real Instagram likes for your content and get the required engagement.


Today, a growing number of consumers seek instant gratification. There is a significant trend towards the use of video on social media – and for good reason. The video provides a quick and easy way to entertain your customers while also providing them with information.

6 Reliable Ways To Use Instagram For Small Business

Everyone knows the power of Instagram and its importance. We know all the huge companies are dominating the space to promote their brand. But the reality is Instagram allows small businesses to compete with big industries.

Even if you’re a small marketer, you have no idea about Instagram for marketing. Here are the golden opportunities to develop your business. 

Let’s start!

1. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are one of the best features to post multiple images and videos in your profile. These stories will disappear after 24 hours from your posting time. It’s similar to Snapchat stories. 

Small businesses must use Instagram Stories to determine how to construct the feature into their own strategies. But there is a lot of potential you shouldn’t give up. Like any significant change, the industries that choose and find it out first serve to receive the most significant benefits.

Unlike Instagram Stories, IGTV is an excellent option to post your content. You can upload up to 10 to 60 minutes of video in your IGTV videos. Hereby, you will give an in-depth explanation of your brand and business. Finally, your engagement will increase; otherwise, you want instant likes on your post, you may buy IGTV likes for your IGTV posts. 

2. Keep an Eye on Your Comments

After posting every content, you should check your engagement, such as likes, views, comments, and more. Especially, you have to check your comment section to see what they say. But, maximum businesses have spent no time checking their comments. 

So, you must check your comments and reply to their comments. The comments are two types that are positive and negative. 

If you get positive comments, thank them without delay. Also, if you get negative comments, say, “I will create better content.” It’s the primary way to impress the audience and get more views and likes for your profile. 

3. Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an excellent way to instantly build up your follower’s count, particularly when beginning from scratch. Even though influencer marketing, you will easily communicate with people and get exposed to their audience.

The famous influencer promoting your brand is the most innovative way to reach out your products among the audience. Also, you can work with those influencers, which helps to recognize your content within a short span. 

Nowadays, non-celebs are called influencers because they have thousands and millions of engaged followers. This isn’t easier for brands to associate with influencers, but it also made influencer marketing much more affordable.

4. Add Content Related Hashtags 

Instagram has an extraordinary feature that’s called hashtags. It’s very similar to keywords, and you can add in your content. 

Adding 2-3 hashtags which help to reach out your content among the audience. Using hashtags is a quick way to improve your visibility and reach out to several audiences who aren’t already aware of your brand. 

The common mistake is that many marketers have used the irrelevant hashtags they made up. Unfortunately, the random hashtags are not helping to improve your content strategies, and your content doesn’t reach out to the audience. Hence using relevant hashtags will increase your visibility and the following count. 

5. Make Reels Videos

Instagram reels are the best option to expand your reach within a short period. Of course, make content via video format and upload them into your reel section, attracting more audience and converting from the viewer into followers. 

Focus on your real engagement because several audiences spend their time on reel content. After creating content, you can edit, add music, effects, and more to entertain and impress your audience. 

Are you worried that you’re in an initial stage while uploading reel content? 

Without worries, you can choose the best services such as buying Instagram reels likes will increase your reels likes naturally and create a big impact among the audience.