Here Are 5 Apps That Will Make Your Instagram Stories Better

The use of Instagram Stories has skyrocketed recently. That’s why some companies are adjusting their online advertising approaches to incorporate the use of Stories.

If you want more people to see and interact with your brand, Instagram Stories may help. They have the potential to expand your reach and introduce you to potential new followers among your target demographic.

That’s why by 2021, most companies will be adopting Instagram Stories as their primary method of audience engagement.

Now that you know why Instagram Stories is useful, you can begin to think about how to improve your approach. The goal is to boost the effectiveness of your Stories even further. You’re going to need some supplementary equipment for this.


Are you tired of having to adjust the vertical aspect ratio of your media to accommodate Instagram stories?This handy application, called InShot. This tool makes it simple to adjust the video-to-photo ratio before uploading to Instagram Stories.

The programme essentially generates a brand-new 9:16 aspect-ratio movie specifically for Instagram Stories. The original video file is simply imported. And then you may choose whether you want to leave the ratio as is or adjust it to a new one. Colour gradients or solids can be used to fill empty areas in your movie.

This programme will allow you to put your own unique spin on your video creations. Your movies can include a wide range of customization options, including GIFs, emoticons, and text. The fact that the programme also includes tools for editing video is icing on the cake.


Try Easil if you need speedy, attractive Instagram Story layouts. It’s an online programme for making visuals.

There are three pricing tiers available for this web-based app. The primary option is the free individual plan. However, there are relatively few options available under the bare bones plan.

Plus and Edge are the names of the second and third packages. These are premium upgrades to the tool that include functionality not found in the freemium version.

The fact that you may use the tool’s Story templates for any sort of story is one of its biggest advantages. In addition, the tool gives customers access to a wide variety of template formats to choose from. In addition, using the templates is as simple as dropping and dragging.

You may customise the look of the Story by altering elements like the images, text, and colour scheme. And the end effect is fantastic: a branded that your audience will interact with Instagram Story.


You may get some of the most professionally made Instagram Video Story themes on Envato if you’re seeking for something livelier.

These blank layouts may be modified in programmes like Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. Packages of templates guarantee that your tales will all have the same, professional look.

You can learn all you need to know about utilising these programmes to modify Instagram Story templates by visiting the Envato site’s Tuts+ page.

Over 54 million stock pictures & video, audio tracks, sound effects, and more are available to you with a subscription to Envato Elements. Anyone who regularly produces content for marketing or social media will find this platform to be a veritable treasure trove. You may try out their service risk-free with a month’s worth of free downloads before committing to one of their flexible payment plans.

HyperLapse 4 from Microsoft

HyperLapse, a programme developed by Microsoft, is a great choice for making time-lapse films to add to your Instagram Stories. This programme will let you make steady time-lapse films without any jerkiness. The new time-lapse films have a 20-minute recording limit.

Any video you already have may be transformed into a hyperlapse video simply by uploading it. Doesn’t that pique your interest? Choose between speeds ranging from one-thirtieth as fast as normal to normal. Just make sure the videos are being recorded in portrait orientation rather than the more common vertical orientation when create interesting Instagram Stories.

The software is straightforward despite its sophisticated nature.You don’t need an account to download it, and it’s available without cost.

Make sure that the app has permission to use the camera, images, media, and microphone on your device.


You may feel that your 15 seconds of Instagram Story video recording time is ticking away while you film. I think most people would agree that 15 seconds is too short to properly record anything. Tools like CutStory, though, can help you out of a jam.

To create an Instagram Story, users may utilise the app to take photos and videos under the camera function. Wow, that’s rather impressive. This helpful programme efficiently trims the footage down to 15-second segments that may be uploaded one after the other. You may now easily distribute the full video in bite-sized chunks.

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