The Ins and Outs of Instagram Fonts

Find out how to modify the Instagram profile, post, story, and comment fonts.

Making use of unique custom fonts is a great way to make your Instagram profile stand out and gain new followers. Except for Instagram Stories, neither the official app nor the online version of Instagram enable you to select a custom typeface and alter the default one.
If you follow this post to the end, though, you’ll find out how to incorporate several typefaces into your Instagram profile, stories, and comments.

Reasons to Switch Instagram’s Fonts

Instagram accounts with custom fonts that appear completely different from the standard one are undoubtedly already familiar to you. Your Instagram profile is your digital calling card; it showcases your hobbies, background, bio, number of posts, number of followers, and so on.

New audiences are difficult to win over, so it’s important to plan carefully. You may achieve this goal with the aid of visual style and typography.

Basically, why do you need a variety of Instagram fonts?

Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing app. It is a popular platform for showcasing the work of many different types of creative professionals. Several businesses and social media figures compete for audience attention by showcasing their originality.

That being said, the level of competitiveness is really high on Instagram.

If you want your Instagram to stand out from the crowd, one trick is to use unique typefaces.

That way, you may flaunt your aesthetic

Instagram encourages you to try new things with your content in the hopes that it will bring in more users. It provides a wide variety of multimedia formats for doing so, including IGTV, Guides, Reels, and more.

Although it’s not a default feature, you may show off your originality by switching the fonts on each page.

Keep up with the times

Instagram is an ever-changing medium where new opportunities and difficulties always arise. You can’t merely create material that’s relevant to one trend for too long, since that will boring your audience and cause them to unfollow you.

Influencers and corporations alike are jumping on the trend of using custom fonts on Instagram. Thus, I think it’s time to give it a go.

Techniques for Creating Eye-Catching Instagram Posts with Unique Fonts

Instagram now allows users to upload their own unique typefaces to use in their bios, captions, and stories, as well as the titles and descriptions of their IGTV channels.

Captions for Instagram

Here are the best practises for using unique fonts in Instagram captions to get the most eyeballs possible.

You may use these typefaces to draw attention to certain details in your Instagram captions.


You’ve definitely seen across Instagram posts from marketers and influencers who use CAPS LOCK to grab your attention. A lovely typeface, on the other hand, is a classy replacement for that antiquated method.

This is very pretty and elegant.

Whether it’s a brand name, a product name, or no name at all

Make use of bold text to draw focus to your product, service, brand, event, or anything else you feel deserves emphasis.


Whether you put the question at the beginning or the end of the caption, bolding it will draw attention to it and help it stand out.

You should keep in mind that people will first glance at the words in the custom font, and then then at the remainder of your caption (if at all). Choose the most vital aspect to emphasise.

Username and Instagram Handle

When people search for Instagram users, those whose names or usernames use a unique typeface will rise to the top of the results. This improves your exposure and thus your chances of gaining a large number of followers.

Instagram Stories

You don’t even require additional software or a web-based provider to employ alternative typefaces in your narratives. Instagram’s built-in font editor lets you customise your story’s typeface from within the app.

Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio serves as an introduction and positioning statement. If people are curious about who you are and whether or not you’re worth following, they can find the answer in your bio.

Thin italic and other less decorative typefaces work wonderfully in bios.

Keep in mind that Instagram does not always recognise other typefaces, so it cannot translate messages written in other fonts. Instagram’s caption detection becomes more problematic the more ornate your font.

Here are three more pointers to help your custom fonts stay on track

  • Keep the page’s style in mind while selecting typefaces. If you want your brand, your account, and your style to look and feel their best, you should always do what feels right. You might also consult an in-house designer or a freelance designer for assistance.
  • Make little use of special typefaces and use only one consistent typeface throughout. The use of unique typefaces to draw attention to certain sections, queries, and calls to action is highly recommended.
  • Make use of legible typefaces. Be sure that the typeface you choose for your account is legible on both desktop and mobile devices.
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