A Comprehensive Guide To Instagram Stories And Highlights

An Instagram user’s Highlights feed will load first whenever they visit your profile. This highlights the importance of carefully selecting and pinning just the best Stories to your Instagram Highlights.

The most commonly utilized social media sites is Instagram. Instagram has become an integral part of everyday life for millions of people all around the world as a means of communication, entertainment, and even retail therapy.

Because of this, a great number of corporations have moved their operations on this mobile platform. Now, posting on Instagram can appear simple at first, and with some practise, it might even feel natural.

You may be wondering, “What are Instagram Highlights?”

Highlights on Instagram are a compilation of your saved Stories that will be shown on your profile. If you’re a regular Instagram user, you’ve probably noticed the Stories at the top of your feed.

Your Highlight will remain on your Instagram profile until you remove it, in contrast to standard Instagram Stories, which expire after 24 hours.

Perks of Instagram Stories

Now that you know how Instagram Highlights work, you can appreciate why so many companies use them in their social media marketing plans.

1. One Way to Get More Views on Instagram: Create Highlights

Highlights, as you may have seen, appear in the area between your bio and the top of your posts. Both accessibility and visibility are improved by this arrangement.

Having a wide variety of Items available is a certain way to amaze your guests.

Even better, promotional offers and prizes won’t be buried on your website, saving your consumers and leads valuable time. Instead, everything will be within easy access to them.

2. Instagram Stories and Highlights Never Expire

Unfortunately, because to the short lifespan of Instagram Stories, not all of your followers will be able to view your Story.

When you make a Highlight for your Instagram Story, you won’t have this issue. It’s up to you how long you want to keep a Story that you’ve marked as a Highlight on your profile; as long as it’s still relevant, it may stay there.

Here’s a pro tip: use the auto-archive function to save your old Stories from being deleted.

3. Instagram Stories and Highlights Are Fantastic for Advertising

Highlights may be used to advertise both physical goods and services.

Take the case of a small clothing label owner who intends to use Instagram to market a new line of products.

4. Instagram Highlights Are Well-Organized and Simple to Browse

You can quickly locate what you’re looking for in your Stories thanks to Highlights’s structure. If your Highlights are well-structured, your lead will be able to quickly locate an appealing Highlight of which to begin tapping through the Stories included inside.

5. Showcase Your Brand with Instagram Highlights

Brand awareness is another another successful application of Highlights. Put your brand’s colours and your imagination on display with Instagram Highlights covers.

Make a highlight with your company’s mission statement, beliefs, or history. In addition, by introducing your staff, you may make your business appear friendlier and more personable.

Making a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page that addresses issues often posed by potential leads and current clients is another

. These might be questions you’ve found in your reading or those people ask you directly in an Instagram Story.

6. Review and Testimonial Highlights on Instagram

If customers are pleased with your goods and services, you should capitalise on this by presenting rave reviews.

Direct messages from Instagram users, comments on your posts, ratings and reviews on your Google My Business page, and website endorsements are all viable channels for gathering customer feedback. You may make Instagram Highlights for different kinds of reviews if you have enough of them from various sources.

7. To Drive Traffic and Increase Engagement, Use Instagram Highlights

Instagram posts typically do not contain clickable links, although there are a few notable exceptions. Besides including a link in your profile, you may also include live, clickable links in your Story.

Nevertheless, there is a caveat. You need more than 10,000 followers for the links to be active.

Acquiring new Instagram followers is not always simple. You need to be diligent and thorough, since you will be producing images and copy and posting them often. Also, you need to make sure you’re using the appropriate hashtags and interacting with your fans.

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