Top 10 Instagram Highlight Apps

Instagram Reels are a fantastic tool for engaging and attracting new followers, as well as retaining the attention of existing ones. However, not everyone can create a Reel that not only conveys the intended message but also captures the viewer’s attention. Apps for creating Instagram Reels that go viral are discussed in this tutorial.


When it comes to editing your Instagram photos and videos, go no further than InShot (Android | iOS). InShot allows you a lot of creative power over your work without requiring any difficult processes, such as adding props, text, stickers, music, and emojis as well as modifying image size and colour. Once you’re happy with your edited video, you may save it using InShot at the quality setting of your choice. In addition, your completed movie may be uploaded to Instagram or any other social media account with a single press. The best thing is that you don’t have to spend a cent to use any of these options! However, the free edition is bloated with advertisements and does not provide access to all of the available filters and effects.

VlogNow, the Best Video Editor for VNs

The VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow (Android | iOS) is a specialised video editor with a wide variety of high-quality options for making compelling videos. You may make your own transitions, add voiceover effects, and choose from a wide variety of music and sound effects. The ability to adjust the speed or slowdown of video snippets and then easily include them into projects is very noteworthy. The ease with which videos may be made is perhaps VN’s finest quality. VN Editor is perfect for individuals who often update their Instagram with new content because to the ease with which videos can be produced. The majority of VN Editor’s functions are accessible without paying anything, which is surprising given how many there are.

Picasa 3.0

Animations, Chroma key, and multi-clip cutting are just a few of the helpful tools available in PicsArt (Android | iOS). The programme also features a large collection of free, downloadable assets that can be used by artists to add visual flair to their Reels. Video editing is also possible on the web, unlike in most other programmes. Furthermore, it is an excellent option for novice editors because the vast majority of its capabilities are available at no cost to the user. Unfortunately, the free edition of Picsart is plagued by a large number of advertisements.


Clips might be the free software you’ve been waiting for if you’re an iOS user and want to make Instagram Reels that go viral. Clips uses AI to analyse the video and make a music recommendation based on what it sees. This AI-powered video editor can even help you with scene transitions. Last but not least, this is all supported by lightning-fast performance and rock-solid dependability on iOS devices. You should know that Clips is only excellent for making short and informal Instagram Reels and Stories, and is not suited for complicated video editing.


Canva (Android | iOS) provides access to a wide library of royalty-free photographs and videos that may be used in Reels without violating any third-party intellectual property rights. In addition, Canva has a large selection of Reel templates that can be used to produce high-quality videos in a short amount of time.

Adobe Rapidfire

Making engaging Reels with titles, transitions, and voiceovers is a breeze using Adobe Rush (Android | iOS). The numerous available presets and themes greatly facilitate the production of high-quality films. There is no need to worry about your films eating up space on your phone.


KineMaster (Android | iOS) is user-friendly thanks to its straightforward design and functionalities. Even so, it comes with a plethora of tools, such as filters, transitions, animations, cutting, speed controls, etc. Instagram now supports video uploads with audio effects and music. This software is still in its infancy, but its developers are already hard at work adding new tools to make it easier to edit and create videos. Unfortunately, this implies that, for the time being at least, KineMaster is only suitable for making minor adjustments.


You don’t need any prior experience with video editing to utilise Filmora (Android | iOS). To help you make the most of your Reels, there are several pre-made templates and tools available.

Delete the middleman:

You may change anything about your video with the help of Splice (Android | iOS), including the brightness, contrast, tilt-shift effects, blurring, speed slideshow choices, and backdrops. It allows you to easily modify films by adding transitions, effects, and other modifications like cutting and cropping.


You can add text overlays, transitions, filters, and more to your Reels using WeVideo (Android | iOS). You may create original material fast and easily thanks to the extensive music collection, visual effects, titles, and animations at your disposal.

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