Incredible Social Media Efforts On December 31st That Smashed Sales Records

We are approaching the New Year. We claim that the continuation of COVID for still another year has accelerated the global trend toward digitalization. As a result of the market’s drastic transition to an online environment, foot traffic in stores was noticeably lower than typical. However, the winter fairytale is trending on social media, and companies are producing a magical environment full of seasonal aesthetics and offers, contests, bargains, discounts, etc.

If you want to make a sale right now, your material should add to the magical spirit of the New Year. Think about how you might use the suggestions made in this article into your social media marketing.

Rapid-fire deals

Designed to encourage hasty purchases, flash deals often last little more than a few days. They are most profitable when targeted on consumers who already exhibit desirable behavior. The conversion rate of such sales increases by 35%.

It’s important to provide the details of a flash sale in an engaging way if you want to generate excitement and anticipation about the deal. Take a high-quality snapshot of a grouping of the things you want to sell, dressing them up with thematic features or a vibrant backdrop color (if you want an animated design). When you do this, you give your followers permission to think positively about your brand, which in turn increases their desire to make a purchase from you within a specified time frame.

Sale following Christmas

If you’re in the e-commerce retail industry, you know that the holidays are prime time for a sales explosion. You may get a lot of attention on social media by appealing to people’s merry feelings, which are basically the online counterpart of a purchasing frenzy. After the holidays, why not have a large sale? In fact, you might think about having a clearance sale to get rid of some of the surplus inventory.

If you decide to use this plan, you should create an eye-catching announcement with a clearly displayed discount % (make the number big and bold on the image) and share it throughout all of your social media platforms. Mentioning that this is the final opportunity of the season amplifies the urgency of the call to action. Make it less Christmas-y and more about trying something different this year. Make it appear brand new and exciting, yet still fitting for a significant year-end event.


During the Christmas season, people are more likely to splurge than usual. Encourage them to take advantage of the situation by exchanging coupon codes for more savings. Using time-sensitive material and remaining within code expiration dates allows for the widespread distribution of codes. In this way, you may encourage your followers to pay closer attention to your social media updates.

It will drive sales, boost engagement on social media, and spread the word about your company. In addition, you may attract brand-new followers in the coming year. We’re all aware that scheduling posts takes a lot of effort. Here is an article that explains how to automate such a process.

Give some instances

If you’re trying to sell anything, now is the moment to exhibit and inform your followers how that product might be the ideal present or an essential element of the celebration. Refer to the Fenty Beauty gift guide page, which has a shiny Santa sack filled with cute presents. Excellent thematic coherence and use!

Get Involved

Create a specific article to share your business goals with your readers. Getting a follower to share their New Year’s resolutions with you is a great way to increase engagement in the following year. (ER). See the Oreo post as an illustration.

That’s one best-seller talk!

Put up a statement saying something like, “I’m bringing into the new year!” How about you? Engaging in two-way dialogue with your fan base is a brilliant strategy. You can see what’s popular and maybe learn more about what sells best of your items and services. You’ll get feedback from customers on how they’d want to see your company develop. Feedback from your target demographic may be a goldmine of improvement suggestions.

Highlight the “New”

Inspire your audience so much that they begin the new year by paying you more attention than usual. You may negotiate for a terrific position to begin the new year with tremendous sales if you can dilute the satiation surrounding the holiday with something ultimately fresh. Let your readers check out the newest offerings, whether it’s a clothing line, a course, or something for the kitchen.

Zara’s “New Year, new pillows” article is a wonderful illustration of how to launch a project under the guise of a fresh start. People enjoy being on the cutting edge of what’s to come, so putting your items front and center will encourage them to buy from you. Find out how influencer marketing may help you reach and connect with your ideal customers.

To sum up

The start of a brand new year is imminent. There is a great deal of effort required to stand out from the crowd and maximize revenues after the holidays. Make sure an after-Christmas surge is a part of your marketing strategy. For the simple reason that the last six days of the year account for a disproportionate share of annual revenues. If you seize this chance, it will help you earn more money.

With any luck, you’ll be able to use these social media tips to create a winning campaign and delight your consumers.

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