How Much Does It Cost To TikTok Ads?

TikTok is the social media platform that has gained the most popularity recently.

After launching in 2016, the app has grown to become one of the largest social media networks in the world, with more than a billion active users per month.

Because of their growing prominence, many B2B and B2C digital marketers are experimenting with novel kinds of advertising specifically tailored for social media.

We will discuss the basics of TikTok advertising, including how it functions, the cost of TikTok commercials, and whether or not they are worth it, in this article.

TikTok Ads are what?

TikTok advertising may not have the same level of visibility as those on Facebook and Instagram, but they present a fantastic opportunity for businesses to reach a new audience.

By utilising the platform’s targeting, ad creation, and other administration features, businesses and brands can get their messages out to millions of people all over the world on TikTok.
There are presently two spending tiers available for TikTok Ads: daily and lifetime. Your campaign budget is flexible and can be changed at any time.

How do TikTok Advertising Function?

Much like on Facebook and Instagram, you may promote your content on TikTok. In fact, advertisements and sponsored materials coexist with user-generated material (UGC). Those who encounter adverts or sponsored videos on TikTok can click on them to learn more and be taken to a landing page or external website.

The sophisticated machine-learning capability that can recommend material that customers like best is the platform’s greatest strength.

TikTok’s videos might have initially just been one minute long. The maximum length of a video you can make on TikTok is now 10 minutes.

With so much UGC available, it’s no surprise that companies want to use the platform to spread the word about their wares.

Like the Facebook ads manager, you may select from a variety of targeting choices (gender, age, geography, and interest) and even make your own “custom audiences” and “lookalike audiences” to expand your reach even further.

Varieties of TikTok Ads

With this background information in hand, let’s examine the various advertising channels available to companies and enterprises on TikTok.

The in-feed advertisements

The in-feed advertisements are the commercial videos that play in between the user’s videos as they scroll down the website. Short videos (between 9 and 15 seconds) with repeated calls to action are acceptable (CTA). Users can be prompted to take action right from TikTok, such as making a purchase, installing an app, or checking out a website.

Sponsored advertisements

Branded hashtag challenges are sponsored advertisements on TikTok that encourage users to upload videos of themselves completing a “challenge” with the help of a certain hashtag. A TikTok landing page or link to the website is what a user sees when they tap on a sponsored hashtag.

TikTok’s current advertising mix includes branded and shared stickers, AR filters, and lenses. TikTok’s branded effects are a lot like Snapchat’s branded lenses in that they let companies make their own unique filters right inside the app. A branded impact can last for up to ten days and is a terrific way to get people talking about your company in a lighthearted way.

Takeover ads

Takeover ads, also known as “Brand Takeover,” play full-screen videos whenever the app is accessed. If you want to reach more people and convert them into buyers, this is one of the most effective advertising strategies on TikTok. These advertisements can be displayed as still photos, GIFs, or videos on your For You Page, as well as immediately upon a user opening TikTok (FYP).

TopView Advertising

TopView Advertising is an innovative advertising platform centred on the purchase of established brands. TopView Advertisement are different from Branded Takeover Ads in that they do not overwhelm users as soon as they launch the TikTok app.

To what extent do advertisements on TikTok cost

Take a short peek at the prices of advertising on TikTok. TikTok has two ad spending tiers to choose from if you’re interested in placing ads:

The total amount you are willing to spend on an advertising campaign or series of adverts over its whole lifespan.
Your daily budget is the utmost amount you are willing to spend on your ad each day.
Consistent ad delivery can only be ensured with a minimum budget, which must be set for both the total campaign and each individual day.

In order for a campaign to proceed, a daily budget of at least $50 and a cumulative budget of at least $1,000 are required.
There is a minimum daily budget of $20 that must be met at the ad group level.
If you don’t have the manpower to run your campaign, influencers are another option. Statista provides a summary of the cost per post.

It costs between $4 and $25 to promote a post from an influencer with less than 5,000 followers.
There is a pricing range of $30,000 to $145,000 per post for influencers with 20,000 to 100,000 followers.
Finally, influencers with over a million followers can charge as much as $1034 each post.

What Return Can We Expect From TikTok Ads?

TikTok’s popularity quickly spread beyond the younger demographic (think Gen Z) and by 2022, individuals of all ages were using the app to view videos.

With more than 3 billion downloads and an average monthly usage of 20 hours spent streaming videos, TikTok has more users than Google in 2021.

Insights of Note

Advertisements on TikTok provide a fantastic opportunity for companies to broaden their customer base and ultimately increase sales.

  • Get your message out to a global audience of millions with the use of sophisticated targeting, ad-making, and management features.
  • Build “lookalike” and “custom” audiences to expand your reach.
  • The maximum length of a video you can make on TikTok is now 10 minutes.
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