Success On TikTok For Businesses, According To Haily Moulton

Outline of the Episode

Since its inception, TikTok has experienced meteoric growth on social media, prompting business-to-business marketers to dip their toes in the water. TikTok, a social media network full of viral, vertical-style videos covering every topic and community imaginable, has become an internet phenomenon.

Is there a place for B2B marketers, though? What creative and useful applications can we find for TikTok?

Biteable’s YouTube and TikTok tactics would be nothing without the help of Haily Moulton, Social Growth Marketer. As a video marketing expert, Haily is largely responsible for the over 50 million global views and shares of Biteable’s TikTok. What secret weapon does she use?

Branded commercial videos, which she had previously tried to promote on the successful social media platform, failed miserably, so she shifted her efforts to a lighter vein: comedy. She lampooned the corporate world from her home office, and she made material about it.

Her work on TikTok has helped establish Biteable as an employer of choice, with the result that the company has received several inquiries about job openings. From daily averages of 60–80, they now average over 20,000 visitors to their careers website.

In this episode, we discuss:

Strategies for managing your time effectively when you’re working alone as a social liaison.
retaining the flexibility to try out different approaches on different social media platforms until you find the one that works best for you.
Employer branding via humanising the company in situations when more formal B2B selling approaches have failed.

Let me introduce you to Haily.

Biteable, a video production company, employs Haily as their Social Growth Marketer. Biteable takes serious topics and turns them into entertaining movies with the use of branded sceneries and original animations.

Haily is the only member of Biteable’s social media staff, and she’s in charge of maintaining the company’s authentic profiles everywhere. More than 50 million people have seen Biteable’s TikTok videos in the past year, and hundreds of accounts including CNN, Slice, The LA Times, and Betches have shared them.

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